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Why E-commerce business increase revenue


E-commerce market is a platform that use to sell and buy products , transaction of money online through electronic networks.
This platform (E-commerce)is nothing more than put everything in front of people in very easy way.I had already discuss on some important part of e-commerce market in my article “E-commerce market a big platform to sell and buy products” .

Why e-commerce not other business?

  • Beneficial – E-commerce business is a very profit making business ,all want to invest money in e-commerce business because of good ROI .
  • Demand – E-commerce business have very high demand , people want to buy stuff easily without running here and their.
    Either we have to buy cloth for our self or gift for other we go to search on e-commerce website instead visit shops and buy from their.

Why people demand e-commerce ?

  • Easier – E-commerce put everything in front of people in very easy way , all type of product available in one platform like a supermarket or mall .
    If we have to buy cloths , toys , electronic product we don’t have to go to search on different platform for different category they provide all in one platform.
  • Save time – If we go to market to buy product we spent lots times in visit shop , search product and purchase , but here we don’t have to do much work only search and purchase according to your choice.
  • Save Money – E-commerce provide most of product in cheaper rate than market stores , they also provide time to time discount coupons and some big discount offer for customers .like a big day sale or summer sale .

Practices to increase sale

  1. Improve Customer experience – look what problem customers face on your platform and try to resolve that issue as soon as possible.
    Because if your customer give bad review on your platform it harm your platform brandness , people stop visiting on your site, your selling start decreasing.
  2. Provide easy way of purchasing any product from your platform.
  3. Try to make good relationship with your customers so they like to purchase again from your platform.
    Relationship in sense of relevancy. It means if anyone looking for electronic products then your platform show them only electronic products not mix any other type of product in middle of last of their searching item list.

How’s search navigation helpful ?

Peoples / customers wants to see product similar to their demand not want to scroll down and search a product that they are looking for.
They simply use search navigation and put exact word that match their product , this make their work easy .
Search navigation provide any thing very quickly in easy way.
search navigation spare us from lots of searching and clicks.
suppose that i want to buy a red shoe and i visit on e-commerce market to buy , when i visit their i have to two option their either i click on their footwear menu , choose man shoe , then choose color or i simply type man red shoe in search navigation and get results.If i choose search navigation here i spare from choosing menu and click.
Search navigation is a very good practices from the side of website to increase users.

How digital marketing helpful for e-commerce website.

Digital marketing nothing do except explore their business online in large way.

  • It help in increase traffic by using SMM(social media marketing)
  • Help in increase sale by Using SEM(search engine marketing)
  • Help in re-targeting by using Email-marketing
  • Provide leads by using lead generation strategy
  • Help in increase website ranking by using SEO(search engine optimization)
  • Increase sale by using affiliate marketing

But look in e-commerce our goal is to sell products . So we give more importance to SMM (social media marketing)and SEM(search engine marketing).
Because these two way is the best practices to increase our sale .

What affiliate marketing do for them

Affiliate marketing is a process in which someone get a contract to sale their products and get commission on each sale.
The person who get the contract to sale product we call them affiliate.
They are simply a advertisers.
Affiliate marketing is also very beneficial for both product owner and advertiser.
I don’t go to discuss here about affiliate marketing because this is also a interesting topic . So i will discuss this topic in my upcoming article.

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