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what practices all have to do to create Facebook ads

Today i go to discuss how to create ads on social media platform.
I had already discuss about which social media website provide advertising platform in my article “Re-marketing your products through these ways“.

so i don’t go to discuss here about platform .
Today my target is to Tell my readers how they creates facebook ads .

Before go to discuss about the process of creating facebook ads , i want to discuss few lines about facebook.


Facebook is a social networking service website , which provide a excellent feature of connect with the people from all over the world.
Founders  of facebook are Mark Zuckerberg , Eduardo Saverin ,Andrew McCollum ,Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes .

This website is launched by Mark Zuckerberg in February 4, 2004 . After 24 days facebook complete 13 years of tenure , In these 13 year, facebook become a big brand and a big name in field of social networking also facebook buy top social networking platform like whatsaap and instagram.
This little about facebook because i know well all know about facebook so no need to discuss to much about facebook.Now go to how to creae ads on facebook.
Before creating facebook ads , you must have to create a business page on facebook , Here business page stand for your business for which you want to create ads.

How to create Business page on facebook

  • First step you have to do is to login for facebook .
  • Second is to click on page button , you find page button in right of your facebook home page .
  • Third step is after click on page button you redirected on next page where you saw lots of recommended pages and also find their create new page have to click on create new page ,After clicking on create new page, you have to do following work
  1. Choose your business type
  2. Fill up the forum that facebook provide you to fill up and click next , after that you land on next page their also you have to fill up form and click next after completation this process you have to do until your page is not complete and you don’t land on your business page

After Complete your page creation you have to create a ads for creating ads you have to do following work.

Doing work for creating facebook ads

First step

You have to click on promote button that in bold  blue color, that shown in right side of your business page , after clicking their you get some option , you have to choose anyone from these according to your purpose of advertising/facebook ads.

Second step

After choosing one from these option you directly landed on next page , where you have to fill up a form , you fill up this form according to needs,one thing keep in mind select a small budget in starting , if your ads perform well then increase your ads budget.

Third step

After submitting forum you get a another forum related to payment , you have to fill up here your bank account related information , never use empty account , if you do like this your ads not run so always use account in which some balance are available.and click ok .
Your facebook ads is now ready to perform .Look how much simple is this.
The one best thing about create ads in facebook is that facebook provide a good feature power editor to edit your facebook ads and give your ads a good ,attracting looks .

Facebook advert

Advert is a ads creation platform on facebook , where you able to create good and effective ads.
You also create facebook advert by clicking on create advert that shown in bottom of your business page or bottom of all pages of facebook shown either in bottom or in right , process is same here to that i discuss upper , also you get a forum to fill up .
Facebook advert is same as google adword , the only difference between both is that facebook advert is cheaper than google adword.
You also open facebook advert page directly by using url
Creating ads directly or from using advert the choices is your .

The one best thing about create ads from facebook advert is that facebook advert provide a good feature “power editor” to edit your ads and give your ads a good  and attracting look .

Using power editor is very simple i don’t go to discuss the process of editing your ads from power editor but yes i tell you where you got power editor .
For opening power editor you have two option

  1. You open facebook advert page and click on facebook advert icon that shown on top , after clicking you get some choice, on these choices you get power editor option.
  2. You open power editor directly use this link “”

Facebook also provide tracking facility .

you easily track how much people visit my website from facebook and in them  how much complete your goal by using  “facebook pixel”.
I also don’t go to discuss about this because i don’t want you all get more confused , i will discuss about ” power editor” and “pixel” in my next article.
SO , read this carefully and start practicing , if anyone have any Query about this topic , you all have free to ask.

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