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What are the three pillar on which online business stand.

A very big problem face by many starters is how’s to run business successfully. All says only one thing,that we start our business but not able to run this according to us. Why this happen and what we should have to do for come out from this problem.

No doubt in this that running business successfully is little hard work. But here not only hard work matter but also matter our strategy that we use in our business to run this successfully.
This era is totally digitally era. All come online and expand their business. what our mistake is we did all thing but forget to understand what really online business is what they should have to do to give their business a glow growth.

If anyone go to explore their business online lots of activity they have to do for stable their business. Firstly they have to create business page after that customize their business page that looks very attractive and impressive. And after this they have to enter in field of digital marketing. Where initially they have to work on SEO(Search engine optimization) , SEM(Search Engine Marketing) , SMO(social media optimization) and SMM(Social media marketing). These four steps are very initial work that all have to done.

But can anyone thing why we do this , i know you all know what these term stand for. But can any one thing why these are initial work that we all have to do. What the benefit of doing this. Why not we do other activity in start of business like email marketing , affiliate marketing , and growth hacking.

I will go to say you why these activity are very important to do in initial phase.

All online business , not online,but offline also stand on three pillar. That are the strength of marketing. And that help to increase growth of business. If anyone of from them broken or not build strongly our business start going in loss. After that we don’t do anything until we don’t build that pillar/part strong.

Look that like this.
Suppose that you have a three wheeler vehicle and in that one wheel is punctured. Then is it possible to ride that vehicle with punctured wheel. No , so what we have to do that your wheel ride smoothly. For that you have to fix your that wheel punctured.

Same happen in marketing. Firstly you have to fix that part/make that part strong that not working good.

Now i will go to say what are the three pillar of business on which our business stand.

  • #1. Reaching
  • #2. Attracting
  • #3. Converting

These are the three pillar on which business stand. i will go to discuss each one by one.


This is the first pillar of the three pillar from where our work start. Every startup start their business but their services not reach to the most number of people. That’s why they not able to generate more profit from their business.

If your business reach to lots number of people more people start to know about your business and your business locality and visibility increase automatically.

All online marketer do initial work that i discuss above. This is the main benefit of doing that activity.
If one time they start doing good SEO(Search Engine Optimization) their business start showing on SERP(Search Engine Result Page). so , if anyone come on search engine and search for any services related your. Your page also shown their. Second Also the motive of Doing SEM(Search Engine Optimization) is same, shows your business to right person for your business. SMO(Social Media Optimization) through which we all try to present our business to large number of social media users. So they start knowing about us. SMM(Social Media Marketing) help our business to reach to large number of people who really interested in our services or related to our services. This is the first phase. Any marketers should have to do good part on initial phase so their products and services reach to large number of people.
If your product and services got success in reaching to large number of users on both search engine and social media. Your services brand awareness increase automatically. From here you have to work on second pillar that is Attracting.

Business/Digital Marketing/seo/srs blogs/Sem/smm

#2. Attracting

If one time your product/services able to reach to large number of people. Then after that you have to work on attracting. You have to try to attract people so they start engaging with your business.
Engagement is very necessary for running business successfully. Because Nothing goes to happen if your product only reach to large number of people.

Practices for forcing people to engage with your product/services.

The only one practices that we all should have to do for forcing people to engage with our product and services is content. We should have to create high quality content that either educate people or entertain people. Because most of people love to engaging with only these two type of content. If your content educate people they engage with your content for the purpose of gain knowledge and if your content entertain they engage for the purpose of entertain themselves.

Content are of different type like Context , Image , GIf , Video , podcast and infographic.
But the most engaging category of content are GIF , Video and infographic. Somehow podcast also but not more than those three.
Those three are more engaging because of visual effect. People like to watch more in place of read and listen.
So , for attracting people we should have try to create a content that are in those three formats and educate or entertain people.

Business/Digital Marketing/seo/srs blogs/Sem/smm

#3. Converting

Converting is the result of how much we work smartly on reaching and attracting. Because if one time our services reach to lots number of people and of them most of are engage with our services. Then possibility of conversion increase automatically.

Understand that in this way

Suppose that you have e-commerce website. you do good SEO ,SEM , SMO and SMM for reaching your product to large number of people. After that you create a most engaging video content that got succeed in engaging with more number of people. Then here it possible that from engaging audience few or more than few must go for final action. Means if you create a video ads in which you tell your audience about discounts and summer sale and your final goal is to sell product. Then from engaging audience ,not 100% , not 50% but 20-30% must go for complete your goal. And Here your product almost reach to large number of people and on them most of engaging with your content. Then just imagine if only 20-30 % of them are convert then how much profit you make.

Conversion happen from engaging. And the one most smart way of converting your audience is communicate with your audience.

Communication is the most smart way to convert from completing mini goal to micro goal. If one time you start engaging with your audience and show your presence their from where you communicate with them. They start trusting on you and a good relationship start building between you and your audience. And that audience give you a business. It take time but very beneficial way of getting conversion.
Try to convert your engaging audience because they are real customer that give you the business. Here you use email marketing strategy. Regularly mail your engaging audience from sending them mail in some interval of time and telling them about your services and product. Sending two type of mail. First that entertain them or educate them and second that give you the business. Do this is in alternate way. Means promote your product and services after sending two non-profitable mail that only fulfill your audience need.

Business/Digital Marketing/seo/srs blogs/Sem/smm
These are the three mantra of run your business successfully and grow your services values and revenue.

From here i go to wrap up this session. Now your turn. Read this article carefully, Work on it. And see how much this beneficial for you. How much these ideas help your business to grow. And after that share your experience with me. If you have any problem , any queries related this topic or any topic. You all fell free to ask through commenting in below given comment box. I love to talk with you all and help you to reach your final goal.


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