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Website loading speed matters in online Business.

What the worst thing happen in online marketer business is that they don’t able to get satisfactory result from their business and this because of many thing. But today i will go to  focus on a most important reason of happening all this is” page/ website speed”.

Website speed is a very big factor in getting good or bad result from business.

Suppose that you have a e-commerce website , you sale all type of product their but your website speed is slow. So if anyone visit on your website,they get slow result. You think, Is they want to buy/purchase anything from your website. Of course not.
Slow loading website always irritate their visitor , no one have lots of time to spend on your website and waiting to load that page completely, Their you are not alone, lots of your competitors are their,they are waiting for customers, so if your website not working good, people go for other.

Can anyone know why google show 10 result in one page.

This is because one time google was going to show more that 10 result on single page what result had come after that , google start loosing visitor. This happen because the loading speed of google result page increase by 1 second. look how much website loading speed matter.

Why website load slow.

Their are some reason behind slow loading of website.

  • Hosting

    The first reason of loading of website slow is hosting , your hosting server provide you slow speed, so your page take more time in loading properly. So in this case i suggest you to buy a good hosting which server speed is fast. So , your page take less time to load properly.

  • Design of Theme

    Design of our website theme is also a factor of loading of our website slow. we all know website theme are develop by code. So , if our theme designing code is not good , our website not working good. So in this case we have to do some changement in coding of our website and make it simple and good.

  • Too many Ads

    If we integrate too many ads in our website then their is no doubt in this, that our website take too much time in loading full content of our website. Because ads increase the size of website. Our website size without ads is 300 kb, then with ads it must be of 600 to 1000 kb.

  • Size of Images

    Size of image also increase the loading time of our website. Here same happen like too many ads. If size of images are large then it increase our website size , so our website take more time in loading.
    For resolving this issue we have to put all image content in our website after compressing their sizes. That not affect quality of images only decrease the size of images.

  • codes

    More number of codes that we put in our website to analyse the performance of website also affect our website loading speed. If anyone access our website these code start analysing the activity of that visitor, so in this process it take some time to consume data of our visitor activity. so automatically our website speed goes to perform slow.

These are the factors that increase speed of your website loading. so , if your website speed is more , then you should have to firstly analyse why your website loading is slow and after that you should have to work on it.
Website loading slow not only irritate our visitor but also harm us.

website loading speed /digital marketing/e-commerce

why website load slow

How’s Website slow loading speed harm us?

If our website loading speed is slow it affect our business.

    • Decrease conversion rate

      If our website loading speed is slow no one want to stay on our page. No one want to click on go for next page , No one want to do any activity on your website. Slow speed of page stop visitor to take any action on page. somehow lets think visitor come on our website, our page loading slow even after that they stay on page, waiting for loading of page, after that completing their goal and exit the page. Is this same person in future will want to back on our page. NO never they search a different platform for same purpose, But never want to back on our website.

    • Increase Bounce Rate

      If your website loading speed is slow chances of increase bounce rate of your site is more. because due to of slow loading speed of website visitor come and exit quickly from your website without doing any activity. No one goes to spend one more second on your page either your website is e-commerce site or blogging based site.

    • Decrease website visitors

      If your website loading speed is slow you go too loose visitor on your website. No one goes to visit on your website. Many e-commerce site face this problem because of slow loading speed. You not only have to focus on desktop you also have to focus on mobile . you should have to build your website that is very friendly with both desktop and mobile. Because in this era all website got more than 50% traffic from mobile devices.

    • Decrease Search Ranking

      If your website not working according to visitor your website search ranking decrease automatically. Search ranking not affect more because of website loading speed slow. This is due to search engine not judge only speed of website but they judge all things like what type of website is , what type of content are , how much relevancy are , and many thing. So , we have to not much worry about search ranking but yes it affect little so better to keep our website away from slow loading issue.

    • Loosing visitor Faith

      One time if your website start loading slow , your visitor start to move on from your website. Because they are connect with you to get good service from you. If you don’t provide them good service their no reason left in front of them to stay with you.

    • Decrease ROI

      Decrease in ROI is a result of all these harmful effect occur because of website loading speed is slow that i mention upper.
      Suppose that you have a blogging based website , and your website loading speed is slow. then what happen with your website , conversion rate of website goes to decrease, bounce rate goes to increase and all thing goes to happen that i mention above. then after happening this all your website almost come to end , no viewers no visitor. then how you make money from that. then what result come at end your ROI also goes to decrease.

Look how much website loading speed matters. if your loading speed is fast you able to make more money from their but if your website loading speed is slow you go to loose your income from your website.
Now here one question come in all of you mind is “what is the expectation of visitor from our website to load and how we analyse our website loading speed”.

website loading speed/digital marketing/e-commerce

What is website good loading speed and how to analyse it

Website good loading speed is 0.30 sec to 2 sec after 2 sec to 3 sec it taken in average but after 3 sec it start coming is normal up till 5 sec and after 5 sec it start giving bad review.
If your website open 0.3 second to 2 second chances of going more traffic on your website is high. If your website loading speed is 3 second to 5 second then chances of getting views on your content is average. But if these speed goes to increase and your website start taking more than 5 second to open , your visitor start giving bad reviews to your website.
A single second matter for e-commerce website , if e-commerce website payment page  take more time in loading  no one goes to purchase from that website.

Now come on how to analyse the website loading speed of our website.

For analysing website loading speed we have to use analytics tools.

Top analytics tools Name

  1. Page speed insight – This is a free tools powered by google
  2. Google analytics Plugins By Yoast – This is also free plugins powered by yoast
  3. Yslow – Yslow is also a free tools powered by yahoo.

There are lots of tools available for analyse website speed but these are the best tools. So i suggest all of you to go for these tools to analyse your website speed.

website loading speed/digital marketing/e-commerce
This is whole beginner guide on website speed , now what you all should have do is to analyse this guide and start working on your page very honestly. Resolve all problem that slow down your website loading speed.

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