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Want to increase brand visibility use Press Release

When we start our business our first motto is to make our brand famous , all people know about this.
For making our brand famous we spend money on advertisement in both online and offline business.
In online we invest money on SEM and SMM but also one good way , where we have to invest to achieve our goal .
And that way is PR (Press Release).
Investment in Press Release not very costly , so i think , its a good way we have to invest.

PR(press release)

PR(Press release)is a platform ,from where people ads are distributed for published in all online newspaper like the new york times , BBC , CNN and more.
Suppose that i start a e-commerce website , i want that most of people come on my site . search products and buy , so for this i decided to invest on PR(Press Release), what i do here is too write or create good content related our business and submit in press release site , that website distribute my news/content in all newspaper to publish .This really the work of PR(Press release).
Press Release provide us a way of explore our business .
And the main reason of get benefit from Press Release is people habits , People like reads all think online either it book or news .
The most important or most valuable part of PR(press release) is our content , so we all have to do a good practice on it.

Practices to make our content best for Press Release

  • Good Header – Our header of content should must be good , because before reach on content or click on content to read ,people see header and judge the quality and effectiveness of content .
  • Good Body – Body of our content should also be good , our body contain all information about our services that help people to judge the quality of services and how our services helpful for them.
  • Image – In our Content if i integrate images which very relevant to our body and header , this attract people to go further to check one time what really our services are
  • Link -we all have Must embed link of our website page in body so people easily land on our service page and quickly engage with our services.
  • Address And Contact info -If our content contain our business office address and contact info , this show that we are real and help in gain more trust of people , if i go to say this in simple way then this make our relation bond with customers strong.

PR work according to us , it complete our work very honestly , distribute our content to all news release platform after this all things or action depend on our always try to write content in way that i mention upper.

Benefit of Press Release

  1. Increase visibility of our brand
  2. Increase engagement
  3. Help in Increase conversion rate
  4. Increase incoming link
  5. Help in increase desired outcomes

These are the benefits of press release.look how much helpful is this .

Platform of Press release

  • PRWeb
  • Business Wire
  • PR Newswire
  • Marketwired
  • Newswire

Lots of press release website are available but these are the best for releasing a good and valuable press.
Press release build a good public relation .
We all have one similar habits when we open browser , we go to click on browser release news option to know what happen in world now either the browser is internet explore , safari . google chrome , internet explore.

Most people not know about press release and those who know who don’t go to invest on press release they think that no need of invest on this because i already invest in social media and PPC but they don’t know the importance of PR is similar to social media,social media only increase traffic but press release increase incoming links , its means PR make our brand more valuable .

When we go to release our content from PR site we have two option.

  1. Go for free – This option is not much more effective because it didn’t work good , our content not go to published on good or valuable news paper .
  2. Go for paid – Choose paid option for releasing our content is the best of release press , in paid the value of our contend increase automatically , if my content send by PR to any publisher they think this is paid content means content is good so published this because no one good invest money on bad content.

PR i suggest the marketers to use one time and look how much this proving beneficial to them.I sure about that they got good result from PR.

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