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Voice search future of online business

Online marketing is totally based on good practices and ideas , All of us have to do good practices to increase our business digitally.
People engage with your business online it means that you stand very perfectly on their expectation .
Our customers looks and judge what i provide them in which way.
If i serve our product in easy way they like to engage with our services and products.
Suppose that you have a e-commerce website and you want to increase customer engagement on your product and services , then what you have to do make your website very simple and easy to handle.

Practices to make website very simple and easy to handle

    1. Category – keep all product very separately , arrange all product category wise , it help your customer to find anything very easily.
    2. Customer contact– Keep your customer contact detail on head of your website or in footer of your website that are visible very clearly so your customer or site visitor contact easily with your customer support without wasting anytime in search contact number.
    3. Live chat – Must keep live chat facility so if people face any problem on your website they contact you immediately through chat , also live chat have lots of benefit but i don’t go to discuss this because i had already discuss this previously  in my article “Live chat service help in generating more traffic” .
    4. Visibility – If the visibility of product in your website is good, people love to engage with your services.Suppose that anyone go on your website and search for jeans, he got many jeans , he choose one and want to know how this look so your responsibility here is to provide  zooming facility on your website so they  see how their product look really.
    5. Transaction – Provide your customer a best transaction facility , that work on double op-tin so no any other people use other bank account to buy products without their permission .Try to keep your customer very secure.


These are the practices what we all have to do but one think i don’t mention there, that is also proving very beneficial for e-commerce and all type business.

What is that any guess?
Think , Think that is voice search.

Voice Search

Voice search is the device that help people to search anything by speaking .
We all see that google provide voice search , if you tap voice button and say anything their google immediately show you result relevant to your speaking.

If we start using this voice search in our online business it will goes to prove very beneficial to us.

How’s voice search beneficial for online business

Before Go to discuss anything firstly i want to clear that voice search device only catch our voice and search what i want to get.Suppose that i have a blog based website and i embed voice chat device in my homepage ,so peoples come on website and search any article by speaking no need to write what they are looking for in search box and search .the benefit of my this action is that when people come on my website they search anything by speaking and due to i provide voice search facility on my platform , our site visitor search more , try to find exact match to their topics.and this also increase engagement on my website.
Voice search save time .
if we use voice search for e-commerce business its very beneficial.

How beneficial for e-commerce

  • All able to search anything very easily on your website without texting anything accurately
  • Chances of multiple search by users increase automatically , if anyone search for jeans and they get easily what they want ,then chances of search t-shirt or shirt by same user increase if he really want to buy t-shirt or shirt.
  • Increase users of your site because of unique facility on your site .
  • People able to use your website very easily while they are working or quite busy because they have not to worry about typing .


Platform that use voice search

  1. Google – Google search start using from 2012
  2. Microsoft – cortana start using from 2014
  3. Apple – Siri start using from 2011
  4. amazon – Alexa voice remote from 2016

In present only these four companies use voice search services .
but i sure about that in future all online business will start using voice search.
Now the situation is that not most of people  know  about the benefit of voice search .
we all have to understand the benefit of voice search and will have to start work on this soon .

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