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video ads types and how these matter

Video advertisement enhance engagement this very true , but the question here is what type of video enhance more engagement.
Video advertisement mainly based on timing some are of less running period video ads and some of are long running period video ads.

Less running period videos ads

This type of video are mainly of very short duration, video like of 15 to 30 seconds.These type of videos are more watchable videos because of short duration .

Short duration video also very helpful in increase engagement.

Suppose you decided to watch a movie online on youtube, when you start watching movie, before start movie you get a short period ads and this ads repeat 3 time in whole movie ,after finishing movie that you watched, you already watch that ads three times now you know about that ads and their features record in your mind automatic , in future if you need some services or products similar to that ads your mind first recall that ads after that you decide that product is best or not .so here chances of increase engagement is high.

The short periods ads not give you hide or skip option so watching ads is mandatory for you.

For short period ads you have to do some creativity in your ads that customers likes , so peoples like to see again and again ,not bored after watching one time.

Advertiser get good profit from PPM (Pay per 1000 impression) in short period ads advertising.

Not only advertiser make more benefit but also publisher make more benefit from short period ads.
Advertiser make money and publisher gain customers , brand visibility and engagement.

More running period videos ads

These type of videos are mainly of little long duration , video like of 30 second to less than 3 minutes but most of long duration videos are of 1.15 to 1.30 minutes .
Long periods video ads are skippable ads , if you don’t want to spent time on watching these type of ads you easily skip this ads and continue watching your favourite shows , movie etc.
Also terms and condition applied in these type of video ads ,no one able to skip these type of video ads before running to some period like 5 to 10 second .

This type of ads make less money from PPM according to Less periods of ads

Publisher have to pay money to advertisers if their ads are 100% seen by public.
Publisher have to give more extra effort on creating long periods ads , they have to do some extra work like

  1. Make more attractive ads
  2. Creativity in ads
  3. Use special and unique characters
  4. Make more entertaining

Creativity is the way of increase awareness ,and if i talk about creativity in video ads , it means i talk about increase brand visibility.

How’s i say this

suppose ,you create a very entertaining ads for promoting your products , you upload your ads on social channels like facebook , youtube , twitter, google+ and more , after uploading ads public start watching your ads and if your ads got succeed in entertaining them /viewers,they start liking and sharing your ads.And due to more share and likes your brand visibility increase automatic.
Both length of video ads are beneficial for business but the main work we have to do is to create a best awesome ads that entertain people.
Ads length matter but not too much , if people likes our work they watch it either it long or short.
Video maximum times are varies from one platform to others , all platforms have their own terms and conditions.
I briefly describe on video advertisement in my article “Video advertisement enhance customer engagement“.

What our mistake

A big mistake we did during our promotion of long period ads is

  • Publish in wrong platform – what we did is we publish our long period ads in short period video.
    This irritate people so they like to skip in place of watch it.

SO do good work on ads and try to create short periods ads that entertain people .

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