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Various Method Of Generating Data

We all working on projects with a goal. Either that Goal is getting more awareness , more engagement or getting more conversion.
This all are the game of Data. The more number of data you collect ,you going more closer to your goal.
People generate goal from various method. They are doing more and more practices to generate data.
Today i will focus on various method of generating data.
Before going to discuss the various method i would like to discuss what really DATA is.


DATA is a set of numerical value that define the quantity of Dimensions. Either our Dimension is number of industry , total sales , percentage of literacy or many things.
Data says from where we startup and where we are now.
Suppose that your Senior say you to find out the exact growth of population of USA from 2000 to 2017. Then what you do to find the Exact growth. You take the help of Data. Firstly you Find out what was the number of population of USA in 2000 and What is the number of population in Present. And after that you find the difference and say what the exact number of growth of population from 2000 to 2017.

USA Population Chart/ blogs/digital marketing/SEO/SEM
Here the exact growth of USA is Approx 44M.

You able to successfully do this because of data. Data make our work easy. In simple word we can’t measure the value of anything without data.

Now come on the main point for which i wrote this article and That is Various method of generating data.

In world of marketing data is the first thing in which everyone want to see the growth. Either it is the number of sales , Percentage of brand awareness or The number of engagement.

Their are various method of generating data but i will go to discuss some major and valuable methods.

#1.Generating data from Organic methods .

Generating data from organic method is such a strategical work in which you have to work with strategy. In organic method you have to present your services in front of right person in right time. If anyone are looking for your services then your services come first in front of his/her eye. For this firstly you have to list your business on google my business page.
Google my business page is a business citation page in which you submit your business. One time you complete your submission after that if any one search services related yours google show your business to them.
The big benefit of listing your business on google my business page is you got real customers. If you want customers of your region you got customer from your region , Either your business is in USA , UK , India , European country or asian country. blogs/digital marketing/SEO/SEM/Google my business

One more good organic method of generating data is social media. Create your business page their invite people to like. One question rises here why people like your business page , what they get from your business page. so here the good answer of this question is target the right people who really interested in your services. This method is time taking but result giving method.

Go organically is the good method of generating data. some more good practices in organic method is content marketing method. Either your content is text , infographic , video or in other format. Present best thing in best way in front of your valuable audiences so they like to business with you.

#2.Generating data from paid methods.

In paid method you firstly have to be smart. You firstly have to be creative. Under this method you have to attract your audience through paid ads.

In this method you simply have to put your services ads on different – different platform like on search engines(Bing , Google , Yandex , Yahoo and more) ,on social media channel (Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , Linkedin or more) and on other website that present very similar services to your or from where your services play a good role.

In paid method you have to create a good , attracting and engaging ads.
Ads are of two type. First is text and second is Display.
In text ads you have to put a converging content that complete the needs of audiences and force them to engage with your ads.
And in Display ads the most important important part is your way of presentation means how you present your ads in audiences. In display ads use the most converging and engaging content.

The best example of display ads is apple new ads in which The Rock promote apple iphone/mac new feature X siri.
This ads got 13,540,361 views and 183,140 likes on youtube. People like this video and share with friends , family and colleague.

This about video ads in display ads , if i go to talk about banners ads then look the banner ads of Adobe , Amazon , Bing , AOL , Apple Music , Cisco , Ebay , Dell and Dropbox. These brand create a awesome banner ads that present their services in best way so audiences like to engage with them.

Paid ads not only give you more data but also save your money. If your ads is relevant , engaging and converting , you have to paid less than the bid you setup for your ads.

If you choose your ads to promote on social media channel then this also a fantastic way of generating data , these day people use social media channel more than any platform. So advertising on social media is best or brand awareness if one time you get succeed in gaining brand awareness after that your services already start generating direct search data. Same like Facebook , Twitter , Flipkart , Amazon and Ebay generate. All know about these brand so audiences direct land on their business page using their domain.


#3.Generating data from conversation.

Conversation is not actually means that you talk to your audiences face to face. Conversation in the sense of present your services in front of people , tell them about your services and your achievement through various online platform . Also talk to your customers and tell them to review , giving feedback or suggestion.

Same as a e-commerce platform do , if any one shopping from e-commerce platform they ask their customer to say about experience with them.

This method not only help in generating data but also help in generate loyalty. A good example of this method is Robin sharma. A top seller book writer and entrepreneur. He wrote many top selling book like The leader who had no title , The monk who sold his ferrari , who will cry when you die , The saint,the surfer and the CEO and many more. His popularity is more but he still trying to generate more popularity using various online method in which talk to their friends and follower through live video is included.

This is the one of the best way to generate data , your live video is automatic share on your platform. The big advantage of posting live video is that if any one of your friend who not online on that time who able to see what you share with all and if they like or share your post , your post reach to their friends and follower. So they also got chance to know about you and your services. blogs/digital marketing/SEO/SEM/live conversation

These are the various methods of generating data. Now your turn.
Read this article carefully work on it , and share your experience how much this article helpful for you. Is this article fulfill your needs , is this article help you to achieve what you really want to achieve.
What are the pros and cons of using these method. What i have to implement in this. I would like to hear from your side. Feel free to share your thoughts through commenting . Text in below given comment box and comment.

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