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Using these 3 tricks to generate more money from ads without harm website value.

In my previous article i describe on our mistakes that we had done for making more money from advertisement.  I discuss all mistakes that we all did in my article 5 Mistakes in the way of promotion of Ads on website.  Today i go to discuss on what steps we should have to taken to make more money from advertising.

Making money from advertising is easy work but the toughest one is to setup a good source .
Now I will go to discuss on what practices we all should have done to make money from advertising without loosing our website value.

1.Choose good ads

First work we all should have done is to choose a good ads that is looking relevant to our website content. so if anyone land on or visit on your page/website , they go to give at least impression if they not interested in clicking on ads. More number of impression shows that people not getting bored from ads, they not loosing interest in your website. Relevancy safe our website from increase bounce rate and also increase chances of getting click on ads automatically. This is a simple logic if number of impression increase on ads normally chances of getting clicks on ads increase automatically. And by the way in field of digital world we get 10% minimum result from our whole work.

Now what question running on your mind

You all think that , how i say Relevancy matter and if number of impression increase then chances of getting clicks also increase. I know this question running in most of you mind. Don’t confused i will go to make it simple with example.

Here the example

Suppose that you have a blogging website and you written only about health , diet and fitness related blogs. Someone visit on your website to read your blogs , when he/she visit on your website , one ads appear in front of his/her eyes that is related to fitness, suppose that ads promote on youtube channel ,that channel publish only that’s type of video which tells about how to put yourself fit and fine.
what You think is this visitor getting irritate from this Ads. Putting yourself on that position and tell me is you getting irritate or not.

Tell me quick what you think

I Know what your answer is , you say no i never go to irritate from these type of ads because your main motive of visiting on this site is to make yourself fit and fine and that ads is very similar to your motive.
Means here you give impression on that ads. somehow you don’t go to click because you think this website blogs are enough for you.
But one thing keep on your mind that not you are the only one visitor visit on this website , If website owner succeed in generation lots of traffic then in that lots of traffic , many are not full satisfied with blog , they want to go for more then that ads is the best way to land them on right place.
Then here because of relevancy , number of impression and clicks both increase.
I hope this example clear your doubt.

2.Adjust position of Ads

In path of making money from advertising , Position of ads also matters. We all should have to adjust the position of ads on right place that

  • Looking Nice
  • visibility is clear
  • Never bored visitors

For looking our ads nice and give a good visibility ,we should have to adjust our ads on

  1. From Top left of the page – If your ads is on top left of the page , the visibility of ads is clear and if anyone visit on your website , he/she never feel any problem because of ads but one think keep in mind this ads should  not hide a little part of your content, if your ads hide a little part of your content. This is harmful for your website. Advertiser able to generate Most number of views  from this place of on left
  2. Header of the page – Ads in headers , if your ads are in your website headers ,then their no issue of less visibility , because if anyone visit on your website he/she see your ads clear either he/she scroll down the page ,go to next page or doing anything on your website. This happen because header never go to disappear from your page because this is the main part of our website which help us to land on other section or category of our website(Menu bars are placed in header of website).
  3. Middle of the content – If possible then you must give a ads in middle of the content but you have to look one things that the ads is not of large size , not looking odd and not hide the content parts .
    Because Visitor of your site not visit on your website for other purpose , their only purpose of landing on your page is to getting high quality awesome content. Before go to put ads on middle of content go to ask yourself how you integrate ads on that place that not affect the visitors in middle of content

One more place here left that is Footer

Footer is also a good place to integrate ads because it neither goes to irritate visitor nor goes to hide content. But here the big problem is that if you integrate ads on this place you not goes to get more benefit from this ads.
The main reason of this is , no one go to scroll down for see ads on sites , they visit on your website, complete their motives and exit your site.
Mainly three places are on front of you , where you should have to practices good, choices are yours. But the toughest one here is ads integrate in middle of content , in this you have to most focus on size of ads. I suggest choose a rectangle shape ads which length and breath is small. So Ads not goes to harm content , and this size easily adjust on that place very well and looking awesome.

ads i footer

Somehow look like that ads is made for integrated on that place.


3.Show more than one ads in different form

What place you choose for showing ads and what practices you did on it goes to give you results. But here one more practices you have to done to make money from advertising before loosing site value.
What you should have to do for this is to keep your website away from multiple sets of ads. It not means that you don’t integrate more than one ads on your website , i am not saying this.
Yes you free to integrate more than one ads on your website but for this you have to work with strategy.

On which strategy you have to work for integrate more than one ads on your website.

  1. Integrate a simple ads on your page about which i had discuss on above point two
  2. Use popup ads

What you should have to do is,
Firstly integrate one ads using simple method , either you integrate one ads on header of page or on middle of content.
Now what you should have to do is to generate a popup on your website that appear after visitor spent some time on your website. And in this popup you integrate one ads.
This type of ads are getting more and more impression because these type of ads are appear automatic in front of website/page , after appear visitors have two choices either they click on popup ads and landing on ads page or cut the popup and keep continue their work.
Always try to appear popup ads on middle , this increase chances of clicks, either you have more option in your hand , choose where you want to appear your popup ads.

popup ads


visitor are able to disappear popup ads  , so no issue in this that which place is better for generating popup ads.

what we should not have to do

Generating popup on website and promote products or ads some other product is a smart strategy of make money but never try to generate more than one popup it harm your site values and decrease your site traffics.
Too many popup ads and simple ads are main reason of increase bounce rate of website.
So keep your website clean and unique. so people like to visit on your website and you get succeed in generating more traffic, after that implement ads on your site and use these tricks to make more money from your website.


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