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Tricks on how to convert one time buyers in to regular customer.

Investment and Income are two words but both are depend on each other. The amount we invest on product the chances of getting income is same to that.
Today i will go to talk on what we should have to do to convert our one time buyers in to our regular customers.
All things in our hands ,but  what we should have to do is to work on it very honestly.
Suppose that you have to buy a shoes and for this  you go on e-commerce platform and buy from their.
Now here two possibility come

1. You like that platform after purchase and want to become their regular customer.

2. You dislike and never want to purchase anything from their.

Why you dislike .

Many reason come here to dislike like

  • You don’t get product on time
  • Quality of product differ from original
  • they don’t provide good customer support

These are the main reason of dislike.
Next come why you like that platform after purchase and want to become their regular customer.

Why you like

  • You get delivery on time
  • Quality of product is awesome
  • they provide best customer support

These are the basic thinks and all know about this but from here i will go to discuss what extra effort we should have to give to convert more first time buyers in to regular customer.

Three Tricks to convert one time buyers in to regular customer.

1. Send Confirmation Mail

If any customer complete their purchase from your platform , send them a confirmation mail regarding their purchase. This help in making a good customer relation.
Send them one more mail after they get delivery , on that mail , you just tell them about their confirmation of delivery and also ask them to give feedback on how’s their experience with you. What happen with that is , if they give you a good feedback it help in increase customers and if they give bad feedback , then you know where you do mistakes and how to resolve that to make good customer relation. Feedback play a important role in make good customer relation , so never forget to ask about that.

what happen in most case

Most of time what happen when people purchase from any platform they don’t get any confirmation mail , before and after completion of purchase. This give a negative message to customers and they start thinking about us , start doubting on our services and products like , is this platform provide good product , is they give delivery on time , is they provide good help, and etc .
Never try to push your customer in lots of worry try to exhale them from headache and tension. Your one move will goes to prove very beneficial for you and your business. No doubt in this you start business for making profit but you success in making profit if your customer feel good in business with you . Here your one mail help them to feel good and force them to trust on you.

e-commerce/digital marketing
After this come on next step , that is

2.Be in Touch with Your customer/visitor

This is also a very important part of making good relation with your customers.
Some time what happen people visit on your platform , search product , after getting result according to their search , they choose one in those ,they check the quality , read review all going ok but they don’t go to purchase it . Put that product in chart and exit.

What the reason of not purchasing.

Here some reason of not purchasing are :-

  1. Not fully satisfied , may be looking in different color that not available in your store.
  2. looking for more better quality than this.
  3. Price of product is more than their budget.

1.What we should have to do if they not satisfied with product

If your customer is not satisfied with that product then try to find out why they not satisfied , track their searches and observe what they are actually looking for. Is they looking for same product in some specific color , is they looking this product in different size , or some other reason behind their unsatisfactory .
After knowing exactly what their problem is , send them a mail in which you attach all similar product that in their chart and one thing keep in mind these products must fulfill their all requirement. So they think to back on your platform and purchase from their.

2.These steps should be taken if customer Looking for more better products.

Some one says very truly, their is no limit of human expectation. If we put good quality in front of them they want better , if we put better quality in front of them they want best , if we put best quality in front of them they want best plus. Either their budget allow them to buy only good product. This is the reality. All business man make money after facing these difficulty.
If someone visit on your site and they expect some better quality product after seeing the good one and in your store the better quality of that product is not available , then you present a better quality product that similar to their in front of them , in all color , all size and in all their requirement.
Your only one practices is to somehow convince them to re-visit on your platform and purchasing product.

3. What we should have to do in case of low budget

what happen in some case customer like products but they don’t go for purchase because the price of product is more than their budget. In this case we have to try to convince them by giving them a average discount that somehow come in their budget not fully but little means yes they afford that price.
Some time customer think that cost is not proper for that product so in that case also discount force them to purchase.
Discount play a important role in increase conversion rate.
Always try to be in touch with them send them mail, memorize them about their last activity , regularly inform them about what new product come in market , which day is a bid sale day , discount zone day etc.

e-commerce/digital marketing

3. Provide Best Policy to your Customer.

If anyone goes to purchase any product from your platform , Give them some reason to purchase like.

  • Return/exchange Policy
  • Money back Policy
  • Warranty policy

Return/Exchange Policy

If anyone come on your platform and go to purchase first thing come on their mind is what happen if the product is not working good after purchasing.
So, for exhale your customer from this type of thinking you should have to offer them return/exchange policy. Means if the purchasing product is not good or not working properly , customer feel free to exchange that product and return that product and buy some other product on that place.

Money Back Policy

Money Back Policy is a key to convince customer to buy . If anyone aware that if he/she buy this product and this product is not working according to him/her then here money back policy say him/her to buy , if he/she not satisfy with product then we give your money back. In simple way money back policy push customer to buy.
This is also a big factor to convert your one time buyers in to regular customers. Because all want to keep themselves safe.

Warranty Policy

This policy help your customers to customer to again purchase from your platform.
Because if you give them warranty policy , they never think about what he do when this product stop working. Simply if your customer start facing any type of issue on product that they buy from your platform. They simply call you and tell you to resolve that issue because this product come under warranty policy.
Mainly this policy is come in electronic products like laptop , mobile phone , tv etc. Because their is not a fixed period of electronic product to working good.

e-commerc/digital marketing

Never try to end relationship with your customers after sale. If you do this you don’t able to make good customer relation.

These are the way on how we convert our onetime buyers in to our regular customers.
These ways not doing some extra work , these shows only how much we loyal with our customer. Always try to convince them.
So , if you have a e-commerce platform and you want to increase sale , do all these practices in your business and yes be honest with your customers , your services and yourself.
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