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Take benefits from advertising product on mobile game

Advertising train is passing through these platforms ,PPC , Social media , E-mail , Mobile .
In mobile marketing, advertiser advertise product on mobile application .
Application are of many category like Education , software ,movies , songs , games , and more .
But in these the most helpful category for advertising is gaming category.
The one reason for saying gaming the best platform for advertising is that people like to play game more than do any thing .Look simply if we travel alone ,we like to play game , if we stress lots want to play game .
Japan and China are two country , where people are mad about gaming ,they love to play lots game , they spend lots of time in game cafe .

Mobile game

Mobile game is a type of application made especially for mobile which loaded with games.Example of mobile games are candy crush , temple run , need for speed and many more.
Game application are of two type :

  1. Native
  2. Html

I already discuss on this point in my previous post “What is and what needs of Mobile applications“so i don’t go to discuss on this point .

How Mobile Game is the best platform to advertise

  • Involvement – People like to play games, they spent lots of time on mobile, in these they spent minimum 30% of time spent in playing games.
  • Visibility – Visibility of mobile game is very high , either game is native or html, .
  • popularity – Some game companies are very famous for making good games ,and also people like to play game of these company like gameloft , EA , glu mobile , kamba and more.These company invest lots of money in game and popularities of their games are high.

Benefit of advertise products through mobile game

  1. Increase awareness – when people go to play game and see our ads their ,then they know about our products and services.
  2. Increase engagement -If people like our product and services they must want to engage with our services, we know that the number of users of game is higher so no doubt in this  that engagement rate on our services and product increase.
  3. Generate more ads Visibility– Some mobile game not provide option to hide ads or skip ads ,then it natural that all game users see our ads and some provide hide option to hide ads but users not hide because they get extra coin or life after watching ads.
  4. Increase conversion rate – If number of awareness and engagement increase no doubt in this that conversion rate must increase. If lots of people come on our website and see my products, then in them 20 to 30% must go to take further action.
  5. Increase Evangelist -If i provide a good service and our customer satisfied with our works then they must go to suggest their friends , relative and colleague to connect with us.

Way of advertising ads on mobile games

  • With text ads
  • With banner ads
  • Using  Display ads
  • With Video ads

Most of video ads are running ,when we lost our life in game and want life ,so we have to watch this ads for extra life, when we hide this ads the game end.These are the smart practices of game owner to make more money from ads .
Mobile game build a strong relationship between customer and brand.

People play both type of game native and html , but advertiser get more benefit from html game because html game need internet connection.if anyone play html game and see ads their ,if they like ads they take action quickly because their browser and net both open,not much work have to done.

Good way of advertising

As a advertiser your responsibility is to advertise your product with relevancy means choose those platform to advertise that similar to your product.
suppose that your company goes to launch new bike in market and you want to advertise this on mobile game platform, so what you have do is to choose a high rating , most downloadable bike racing game so when your ads show their people take action on your ads.If you launch your ads on different type game then chances to take action on your ads is very few because their players not much interested in bike .may be  few are interested so only those take before go to advertise be smart.

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