Strategy For Getting More Audiences And Conversion.

Every business have only two goal increase engagement and conversion. Either that business is online or offline.
Increase engagement is their initial goal and Conversion is their final goal. Marketers do their best practices to complete their target either it is initial or final. In this way only some are able to complete their target not the all. What about those who not able to complete their target. can any one think about this why they are not able to achieve their final goal. Why they stand very far from their goal after doing hard work.

This all happen because  lack of strategy. Hard work is not the only way of achieving your goal but work with strategy is the best way of achieving your goal.

Many salesperson selling fruit on pushcart in fruit market but in all of them only few able to make a satisfactory income. Why this happen ,why all not able to generate income according to their wish.

This happen because they only know the cost price and Selling price of fruits. This happen because they only know to give their full effort without think smart.

You are how much educated or not educated this doesn’t matter in business. The only thing matter is the work /the business you run you have good knowledge about this. Most of fruit seller are nor much educated they only know to read and write. But in them few are making more monthly revenue than a employed person. Those fruit seller know how to run business. They know the strategy of converting people in to their customers.
This about offline business. The same happening in online businesses.
Flipkart , snapdeal , amazon ,ebay , homeshop and many e-commerce platform are selling products online but people like purchasing from few of them. Why this happen , this happen same because of strategy.

Today i will go to discuss on what are our strategy for making more engagement and conversion.

Because this is the only word on which whole businesses profit and loss depend.
In online business our strategy of running our business profitable is online marketing ideas. If you know the online marketing ideas and you able to work on that. Your business will surely booming online.
search engine optimization , social media optimization , social media marketing , search engine marketing and little more online marketing practices are not enough for making profit. we must have to do some extra work. That tell us about our practices , results profs and cons . Investing is the process and analysing is our real work.
We invest our money in any businesses this is the process to come in field of self employed market. This is  the process of being a entrepreneur but the thing give you the profit or show you the right way from where you generate profit is your work analysis.

Strategy , audiences , digital marketing , srsblogs ,

Lets come and talk about the main thing on which this article is based on and that is Strategy.


Strategy is a idea , a smart way of working through which we achieve our final goal either it is got more engagement , got more conversion or reach your services to large number of audience.
Suppose that my goal is to make audiences then what we should have to do.

#1.Strategy through which we make audiences.

Making audiences is the initial goal of all business either it is online or offline. so , For making audiences you should have to work on those part which are on the air in present market that is related to your businesses. Target that part and start promoting that part through various online ways like search engine marketing and social media marketing. Telling people about that thing in attractive and unique way. Everyone believe in uniqueness. Reach that part to relevant and large number of people so they see your work and start engaging with that.

But before work on targeted part of your business one thing keep on mind never forget to think how much that parts help your audiences and how much work according to their needs. Think as a buyer not as a seller.

Now you all thinks, hows’s we find what is on the air related my business. Don’t worry i will go to say you hows to do this.

Way to find what is on the air related our market.

  1. Using the tools that say you what really people are most looking on internet

    Their is few tools available in market that say you what are on the air related your market like google trends , bing trends , reddit and few more. Simply go on that platforms and search your market keywords , after that they show you the result that give you the idea about on which part you have to work for targeting audiences.

  2. Use keyword planner tools to analyse what really most people are looking for

    Keyword planners tools are the best way to analyse what most of the audiences looking for related our business. Keyword planners tools say the accurate data of searches of a particular words. What you have to do only is to pick the particular word their searches are high and target that keyword with your similar services and products.

These two ways help you lots in pick up the right part to target people to make them your audiences. Making audiences is the initial process so, try to give the best presentation so they really like to engage with your services and product.

Strategy , audiences , digital marketing , srsblogs ,

Understand from example

Suppose that you have a e-commerce platform and you want to increase audiences. your initial goal is that people come on your platform and look what services you provide. For that what you should have to do is to target a particular product that are very demanding on that time. If you don’t know which e-commerce product are on air simply go and search on google trends from any of the product keyword that tell you what their searches and show you the top news related that keyword that give you idea which keyword you have to use or you also do keyword research that also say you the same. After that pick up the most searchable keyword and targeted your audiences through Search engine marketing and social media marketing.

This is about strategy of initial goal (make audience) now come and talk about strategy of final goal that is make conversion.

#2.Strategy through which we make conversion.

After inviting people on your platform your goal is to try to convert them. For this what you should have to do is to know who are coming on your platform and what their demands are. If people are landing on your targeted page and not take any action their and exit from your platform it means that they are interested in that product/services but they don’t want to connect with you. This is because of many reason.

  • Lack of Information

    You don’t provide them full information about that product and services. so they leave your page. so firstly attach full information of product and services that clear all the doubt of your audiences.

  • Lack of choices

    It possible that your audiences looking that product in different size or different color that not available in your store in present time. so , mail your audiences and ask what they are looking for related that product.

  • Price

    It possible your audiences don’t like to convert in same price that you offer. May be their expectation is different from your offer. so , ask them directly through mail what their expectation are. On which price they looking that services/product. What other channels/platform provide them so they not able to engage with you.Give them the best deal.

Here you think how’s you know who land on your targeted page.

Strategy , audiences , digital marketing , srsblogs ,, conversion
For knowing this you have to use a analysis tools that is google analytics.
Google analytics is a free analytics tools that offer by google to analyse your product/services page acquisition , behavior and conversion.
you not able to mail your any audience who land on your page until they don’t leave their mail id their . so , always try to convince your audience for leave their mail id on your platform.
If they don’t leave their mail id then only one way in your hand to talk with them are re-marketing. Use re-marketing tools to send them mail.

This is about force your audiences to take a further move on your product/services page.
Now i will go to wrap up this session , Now your turn read this article and work on it. Share your experience with me. Tell me how’s much this article proving beneficial for you,.
If any one of you have any problem / query related this topic feel free to ask. Just comment on below comment box. I would love to helping you. Will be back soon with other article. Thank you


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