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Want to promote brand on Social media use hashtag

Social media is a best platform to explore our business ,You know in social media all type of people are active , Type in sense of Geographic , Demographic and Behavioral.
If we know how to use social media it very simple to us to present our business their and make profit from there.
Now these day Social media provide online advertising platform so their users easily reach to their customers in few steps only,

  • Sign up
  • Creat business page
  • Promote your page

Its very simple.
But this all happen if you have bucks in your pocket and ready to invest that bucks on advertising.
If you have no bucks in your pocket and you want to go cashless advertising , i have solution for you.
I don’t know you all know about this or not , but this is the best way to promote your business organically.
And that way is hashtags.


Hashtags is a a word starting with hash sign (#), used on social media platform and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic .
Twitter start this trend in 2009 , actually people start using hashtag from 2007 but twitter start give this tag too much importance and identify this as a special character from 2009.
In present all social media platform use this trends either that is facebook , google+ , Tumblr ,instagram or pinterest to make them different , special and valuable .

Why hashtag/#tag

Hashtag have power to build a good relationship between users and brands , and help business to boost incomes and customers.
The best example i recently saw the use of #tag is #JLT , this #tag is use by britannia.
Britannia is an indian Food product manufacturing corporation. Britannia promote their bourbon biscuits by using #JLT hashtag.britannia/hashtag/srs blogs

What Hashtag Done

  1. Promotion – Hashtag is the best way to promote our business. If we put hashtag in our content our content look valuable.
  2. Loyalty – Hashtag help to build employee loyalty
  3. Awareness -Hashtag increase awareness of our product and services

In business the role of media is only 30 to 35% , remaining 70 to 65% is our creation.
So , we have not to worry about what media do for us , we have only to do something creative that looks different and attractive.
Many big brand take the benefit of these trends either it is Microsoft a big electronic products(computer hardware and software , tablets ) manufacturing and selling corporation or starbuck no 1 brand for selling coffee corporation.

Hows to take benefit of Hashtag

You have two option of taking benefit of tags

  1. Use another brand hashtag/use latest trend
  2. Creat your own hashtag and use

1 Use another brand hashtag/use latest trend

Using another brand hashtag/use latest trend is like to eat cooked food , no extra effort given on to buy product and cook.
Yes if you go to use another brand #tag you have to keep one thing in mind , always use relevant content to that hashtag , if you not using relevant content social media platform suspended some services of your accounts like posting , commenting , taging #tag.
Social media website are very serious and conscious about their services , they never tolerate this type of actions on their platforms.
Latest trends shows what hot in market means what latest come in market and what people looking for lots .


These days india vs australia test match in hot trends , people looking for what happening in test series. If we want to use this trends in our post, we have to use relevant content. Like if we go to use #IndvsAus hashtag then our content is must be related to india vs australia test series.srs blogs/star sport/hashtag

Benefit of using other brand hashtag or hot trends

The only one benefit we get to use other brand #tag or hot trends is views , we got large amounts of views on our post.
If we go to promote our business and use these #tags , no doubt in this that our brand visibility goes to increase automatically .
This is the good way to promote our business but not the best way.

2 Create your own hashtag and use

This is the best way of promoting your business.
If you promote your business by using your brand hashtag it look loyal and valuable . People goes to trust on you.
Creating your own hashtag and invite people to trust on this, is preety hard but not too , if you use social media regularly you know how to attract people easily. But i will go to tell you some tricks that help you to make your #tag popular.

Tricks on how to make your hashtag popular

    • Select a unique account that will represent your business in unique and different way
    • Creat a unique and relevant #tag according to your business like if your business is e-commerce related , you should have to use a different tag like #Shopfromhome , #Shopeasy anything like this , be creative in this.
    • Before creating #tag , one time you must have go to judge your competitor work , like what type of  #tag they are using , what type of content they post inside their #tag .
    • Promote your hashtag with top brand #tag so their costumers start knowing about your product and services.

  • Present your hashtag with good and unique content that people likes.

Presenting business by using hashtag is very beneficial because if one time their hashtag become famous , people start using their #tag to promote their business, in this case not only that person brand visibility increase also our brand awareness increase.

Advice for e-commerce

If your brand present e-commerce business , it better you use #tag according to people demand like #discount , #getfree , #giftforyou like that , this type of hashtag help to increase followers on your social media.
If one time you gain followers , after that if you goes to post anything your post automatically reach to large amount of peoples.
Many Tools available in market that help you to setup your brand using good #tag ,That type of tools provide you top #tags , top trends and top post that get large amount impression using #tags.
For beginners  this whole about #tags, for know more about this tags keep reading my articles , i will come back soon with second part of this topics  .

srs blogs/hashtag/e-commerce

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