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Guideline of A/B testing what is and how to use it

All marketers create ads for promoting their business, re-marketing for increase conversion rate , in their practices they some how get success but they don’t achieve according to their wish .
Can anyone think on this why this happen , and what they have to do for resolve this. May be most of you think on this but today my target is all marketers who really want to get good results from their hard working , i will go to discuss what you all have to do for been satisfied from your works result.

Suppose that you are a marketer , you set a ads of your product for the purpose of promoting your brands and products but your ads not create people engagement according to your wish then what you have to do to generate more engagement?
The simple solution of this problem is to change your way of thinking , create a ads according to people demand and do A/B testing.

What really is A/B testing

A/B testing is a strategy of creating multiple sets of ads and observe which one running better or simply perform better.
Suppose i am a advertisers i create a multiple set of ads for promoting my brands ,after completing setting ads, i run my ads on social media , search engine page ,Website , and i start observing how’s these ads perform , which one complete my goal in maximum number .This whole process from creating to observing is coming under A/B testing .

What A/B Testing does

A/B Testing always work in Favour of marketers and advertisers also.

  • Tell them about their customer expectation , demands , needs
  • Give them idea to set a goal according to customers
  • help in Increase conversion rate
  • Increase ROI(Return On Investement)

See how much A/B testing beneficial for marketers.

Ways of working with A/B testing

A/B testing is a very simple strategy but it helpful if you work with ideas.
We all know that choices and demands of customers varies from one person to another.
so our work here is to create a ads for all types of customers but its not simple to create a ads for all customers so just create a set of ads

    • According to Geographic
    • choose from Behavioral
    • According to Psychographic
    • According to Demographic


How to set ads for A/B Testing

  • Select a reason or country from where you want customers to come, after that select which type of customer you want to target means what their profile are they doing job , student , from it sector , from marketing ,or some other depend on what your business need.
  • After that create two type of ads for each reason , one for mobile and one for window , i know you want to know why different set of ads for mobile and window , this because the both platform differ in resolution , mobile resolution is less than window .
  • After that run your ads on all platform and observe which one for each platform working/performing well.
  • The ads which performing well keep continue running this ads and stop remaining ads to perform , invest your money on that particular single ads.

Look one example
Suppose i have e-commerce business and i go to give 30% discount on all type of clothing so what i have to do here for A/B testing is to , have to create a multiple set of ads to target different reason of my country according to weather and people choices , create two type of ads for each reason ,one for mobile and one for window, keep one thing in mind that create ads according to display resolution and run these ads on all platform and look which perform better, i keep continue those ads which perform better and stop the remaining ads .

Many marketers don’t know what is A/B testing ,some of in them have done same work but they really don’t know this whole process is A/B testing.
Analyse the whole lesion of A/B testing and do hard work on it .

SUCCESS not come from thinking YOU must have to do hard work to achieve it.

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