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For Increase site ranking use backlink


Backlink is a link that given by one website to another website .
Suppose that i have a website and my friend have also a website ,i give a link to his website , that link is backlink of his website.

How to get backlink

Mainly Two process of getting Backlink

  1. Paid Backlink – Paid backlink are those link that one website buy from others , means they have to paid for generating backlink in their site.
    Most of good ,more traffic website take money and give link to other website.this is a startegy of business to make money from website.
  2. Organic Backlink – Organic backlink are those link that are given by other website to you in free of cost but to get organic Backlink lots of hard work all have to done.

How to get organic backlink

To get organic link all have to do good work on their website like:

  • If your website is blog base site, then your blog should must be unique and informative .
  • If your website is review based site ,then your review on any product should must be 100% correct.
  • For e-commerce website , product quality and services provided by you should be best.

Content play a main role in getting link through organic methods.If your content is good , fresh and impressive other website must give link to your website.

Benefit of backlink

  1. Increase page ranking – If your website have some good relevant back link , then google increase rank of your website.
  2. Increase Traffic – If someone give link to your site , then it necessary that people must come on your site from that site then your traffic increase automatically.
  3. Growth in brand visibility – My website link is shown in other website then the users of that website see my website their and know about our brand.
  4. Growth in Popularity – Some good site give link to your site it means your site is good , if any one see your site link on that polpular site , they think that this site is must be good because your site link are on their trustfull sit.

Which backlink is beneficial.

Getting backlink and getting good backling both are different think.

  • Getting backlink – Getting back link means you get link from any website . no relevancy in link and your site content , your site is of automobile seller and you get link from coupon selling website .
    These type of links are not beneficial for your page ranking, because google only believe in relevancy.
  • Getting good backlink – Here getting good link shows the relevancy means you get link from those site whose work and content is similar to suppose you have consultancy business and you have a business website,someone give you a link and his/her website is of blog based website which contain only those content which related to or very familiar to consultancy business , then this website link is a good link for your website and this link is counted by google .

There are some good tools for checking backlink of website

There are lots of tools like this are available in market but i discuss those which are best for analyse back link of website.
All these tools that i discuss above is both free and paid tools.

Link exchange strategy

All business run on strategy and ideas , if i come on strategy of getting back link , i go to talk on exchange link , what people do in this that they contact to other website that is very similar to his and say him to make a deal with him , the deal is that he give a link to that person website and that person get link to his site , but most of people don’t like this deal because they don’t want to decrease the status of their site .
The reason of fear about decrease status is that no high traffic and good ranking ,brand website go for this deal only those website go for this deal whose traffic and website ranking is very low and searching for good links to increase traffic and ranking of website.

Press release also good method of generate back link

If you use press release to promote your site in this method you got lots of  link on your site.
I don’t go to discuss here about press release because i had already discuss about this in my post” Want to increase brand visibility use Press Release“.

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