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Creating twitter Ads is as simple as anyone think.

For a starter its very hard to generate more and more traffic in starting of 2 months. So for generating more and more traffic all goes for advertise their product. For paid advertising two models are available in front of them. Either they go for SEM or SMM. Both are good most effective and result giving way. But today i go to talk on SMM(social media marketing).

In social media marketing , you advertise your product on social media channel like facebook , twitter , pinterest , snapchat , instagram , linkedin. Today i go to tell how to setup a ads on twitter.

Before i go to say you the process of setup ads on twitter i want to tell you one thing about twitter.
Twitter ads revenue increase every year by 60%. In 2016 people invest total of $543 million in twitter ads. From this amount just imagine how much people trust on twitter ads.

Now move on and come to the topic.

How to setup twitter ads.

For setting ads on twitter, Firstly you have to sign up for twitter account. Sign up is just process that give you a specific identity that yes this is you. If you post anything on twitter from your account its shows this post is tweeted by that person. In place of that person they shows your specific identity that provided by twitter to you.

Suppose that i am shashi ranjan sharma , i sign up on twitter , Twitter give me a specific identity that is shashiRS, Then if i tweet anything on twitter its shows that shashiRS tweet this.

Now come on next after sign up what you should have to do.
Before go to setup ads, you have to fill your all data on your profile, so if anyone go to view your profile its looks valid and right. If your profile is filled correctly chances of getting more conversion is increased.

After filling all data , the first step you have to take is to land on twitter business page. For landing on twitter business page you have to put this url ” ” directly and click ok.

After clicking ok a new page open that is twitter business page.

ads/socialmedia/twitter/srsblog/digital marketing

when you scroll down the page you got multiple option their that is Get Website Traffic , Gain Relevant Followers , Drive App Downloads , Twitter Basics , Success Stories , Twitter Analytics and Learn About Twitter Ads. These all option are their for guide you. For Setup a good ads on twitter i recommend everyone to read these guide and after that proceed for next step.

ads/socialmedia/twitter/srsblog/digital marketing

ads/socialmedia/twitter/srsblog/digital marketing

Your Next Step is to click on start a campaign icon that is shown on top left of page and also on middle of the page.

ads/socialmedia/twitter/srsblog/digital marketing

After clicking on this you land on next page where you got two option.
First choose your country – here you choose from which country you belong
Second Time zone – here you choose your country time Zone
And after filling these two option click on lets Go.

After click on Let’s go, you go on second page where you got multiple option that is website click for conversion , followers , awareness , tweet engagement , promote video views and app install or re-engagement.

You have to choose anyone from these according to your services and needs.
Here i choose Website click for conversion. After click on this option , you got create campaign icon , you have to click on that.

ads/socialmedia/twitter/srsblog/digital marketing

After clicking on that you go on next process where you have to fill a forum.

Inside forum you have to fill information like-


  • Name your campaign – Here you give a name of your campaign , try to give a unique name to your campaign.
    So if in future you go to set up new campaign you don’t confuse which one is new or old or for what purpose you set which campaign.
  • When do you want your campaign to run – Here you got two option one is immediately and second is set start and end date. Choose anyone according to you.
  • Key conversion Event – This option is optional if you want to choose this its beneficial for you. this option is for make conversion on your site by targeting a tag.
  • Ads placement – here You have to check the given marketing
  • Twitter audience platform option – Here you have to put your service domain name and put which category describe your service best. And also if your service have mobile apps also you embed here your apps and setup the same ads for mobile apps on clicking on adds a list of apps to marketing


  • select your audience – Here you choose from which country you want visitors, you able to choose multiple country , you also able to select what their gender are , what their languages are and you able to choose which device you want to target like ios , blackberry , window , android.Choose all option according to your marketingads/socialmedia/twitter/srsblog/digital marketing
  • Select Additional Audience Features – This is a advance feature which provide multiple option to target marketing


  • Select your Budget – Here you have to choose a budget according to your services value. here you got a option of choose campaign optimization. Where you got two option one is Optimize for link Click and second is optimize for website conversion. you choose any one according to your wish.


  • Choose your Creative – This feature provide you a option of create a attracting tweets for your ads that help your campaign to get more conversion.
    Here you have to write a tweet , select a best card for your tweet , give a best headline , embed your website url ,give a card name and click on publish marketing

After filling this forum you have two option Either you save this ads or launch this ads. Now i go to launch this ads.
So, For launching this ads you have to click on launch icon that shown on top left of the page.
After click on launch you land on payment page where you have to give your account detail and click on proceed to confirmation.

ads/socialmedia/twitter/srsblog/digital marketing

ads/socialmedia/twitter/srsblog/digital marketing

After click on proceed to confirmation your ads is ready to run and start to give you the best result that you expected from your ads.

This about how to create twitter ads.  I go to wrap up this session here.

Now your turn , from here your work start. You read this article carefully. And create a ads on twitter. After running your ads look how this ads is beneficial for you.
If you have any problem related this topic and if you have some suggestion for me. You feel free to comment your suggestion and your queries in below given comment box.

Also you able to tweet this by clicking here ads/socialmedia/twitter/srsblog/digital marketing

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