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The Best Timing for posting on social Media.

Are you a social media marketer?
Is your work not give you the best result.?
Would you looking for the best solution for your problem.
Ok , don’t worry i will go to tell you what you should have to do for getting good result from your work.
If you work on social media channel , you have to focus on , on which time most of people active on that platform. What happen from this is , when you know on which time most of people active on which platform you got a chance to increase your brand/product visibility.

Now you think how’s this possible ?. Ok i give the answer of your this question

If you know on which time most people active on which platform and exactly on same time , you post your product/service on that platform. so after posting you realize you got good result this happen because more number of active users see your post.

If you don’t know the good timing for posting on social media then don’t worry i will discuss this on this article later but before that i would like to discuss about the process of knowing the best time of posting on social media.

How to know which time is suitable for getting good result.

The only one method for knowing this is posting more post during interval of times.
What happen in this , when you post multiple most in different , different time that say you on which time interval which post give you the best result. And that is the best time for posting on that platform.

See this with example.

Suppose that you are a social media advertiser and you want to get good result from your posting. But due to post on wrong time. Your post not reach to maximum number of people. so , you decided to experiment with your work and want to know which time is better for me to post. What you do for this you create some good post that are looking different but all promote same things. What you do after this, you set a plan. You decided to posting every post during the interval of 3 hours. The whole day you posting 4 post and the end of day , you go to analyse which one of your post perform very well. Then you find your mid-day posting got good result. Now , here two option in front of you.

Is this post got good result because of time or because of good user experience.

So, for knowing the exact reason , you posting another post next day that not work today good on same time that give good result, if that post work good next day on that time it means that time is best time for you for posting or advertising. Either you have to continue this process Untill you don’t get good time for posting.

This is the only one method of knowing the right time for posting on social media channel. One thing keep on mind all channel posting time varies. Because no one use all social media channel at one time.

After discussion on the method i would like to say you , what the benefit of posting on social media at right time.

  • It’s give you the best result. Chances of getting more views , likes and comments are increased.
  • If you sell any product then chances of conversion rate increase.
  • Because of more like, comment , your product/services reach to more number of people and your brand awareness increase automatically.
  • Chances of increase traffic on your product page increase.

And many good result come from posting on right time on social media platform. Now come on what is the best time for posting on social media platform.

Posting Time on Social media.


Facebook comes on top because of large number of users of this platform. Every marketer start their work from facebook. Facebook give more awareness , visibility and conversion according to all social media channel. The best timing for posting on facebook are First 1 P.M to 4 P.M and Second 6 P.M to 10 P.M . People use facebook on these time very much because 1 P.M to 2 P.M is people lunch time of asian counrty and 1 P.M to 4 P.M is night time for african and european countries. Same on 6 P.M to 10 P.M people free after working whole day in asian country and In other countries their morning time are this. In one survey it finded that People start using facebook just after waking up and just before sleeping.

Facebook most active users are female according to male. And yes teenagers use more facebook than other age peoples.

Social Media/Seo/facebook/twitter



Twitter is somehow very different from other social media channel. Many professional person likes twitter and also like to work on twitter according to other. This because of the quality of twitter. Twitter give a best platform to tweet your ideas and promote your brands. The best time of tweet on twitter are 8 A.M to 10 A.M , 11 A.M to 1 P.M and 4 P.M to 7 P.M. These three schedule is best for posting on twitter. If you tweet in these time on twitter , your tweet got more impressions.

Social Media/seo/Twitter


Linkedin is such a different type of platform , where you find 98% accounts are real. This Platform is only for professional peoples. Here you able to post articles , links and images but one thing keep in mind that you always try to post a valuable post because there users are very professional with their work and services. so ,they never try to engage with simple content. The best time for posting on Linkedin are 8 A.M to 10 A.m and 4 P.M to 6 P.M . This platform is like a employment search and be in touch with professional people like social media platform. so the number of users of this platform is not much and people only come here to see the updates and exist.

If you succeed in getting one result from linkedin then your this result is more valuable than other social media platform ten results. Because here every results are very valuable.So, for marketers getting result from linkedin is like a jackpot.

Social Media/SEO/SEM/Linkedin



Pinterest is infographic sharing social media platform. It allow their users to only post images. The users of pinterest increase day by day. Pinterset is best for getting result from SEO(search engine optimization) method. Simply you make followers relevant to your product/services and posting a good high quality , informatic, valuable content. The best time for posting on Pinterest are 12 P.M to 2 P.M and 7 P.M to 10 P.M . Simply the best timing for posting on this social media platform is after noon and after evening. The one reason of growth of this social media platform is people loose interest in reading long written articles they only want every thing in short form. That’s really this platform did. If you working good on this platform , this platform give you the best result. Because here people like to share more than likes.

Social Media/SEO/SEM/Pinterest


Instagram is very similar to pinterest but instagram have more feature than pinterest like live video. This platform is a Single platform who able to attract people fastly than other website. People like to engage on this platform. This social media channel happy their users with lots good features after facebook buy this. What i say about the best timing of posting here. Here you got good results from all of your posting if you have large number of followers. If you want to got more good result then the best timing for posting on this social media platform are midday and evening after work. People like to posting their pics and any images on instagram in their free time.

Social Media/SEO/SEM/Instagram

This whole about the best timing of posting on social media platform. If your timing is best your result is also best.
Now i go to wrap up this session, now your turn read this article seriously. And try to use this idea and tricks in your work and tell me after that how’s much this article proving beneficial for you.

If you have any ideas and query related this article , you all are free to share your experience in below comment box. I like to hear from your side.

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