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5 mistakes in the way of promotion of Ads on website

Making money from advertising is the first thing come in mind of those people who have owner of website and serving services to people either they selling products or providing best place to read good articles.
Today i will go to discuss what mistakes we have done in a way of making money from advertising.

1 We Forget Relevancy

Advertise other product and services on our platform is good. It beneficial for our business but one thing we have to look is , is this ads is relevant to our products and services.
If Ads on our website is not relevant to our content. We not go to make more money from ads because no one go to click on those Ads.
Simply Think , why anyone goes to click on those Ads , those Ads are like a vegetable bucket is putting on fruit selling shop , they are interested in your content , if Ads are similar to your content it possible that your site visitor one time think to go to click on Ads , because these Ads are coming under their interest circle.
So always try to promote relevant Ads on your platform.

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2 Irritate viewers

We irritate our website visitors by showing Ads in wrong place on our website , what we have do is to put Ads on starting of content of our Website.
You know this harm our website values and reputations. This shows that we are interested in making money, not in providing best and valuable services.
If anyone come on our site to read content , before starting of content , if he have to face Ads before starting content, Just think how’s bad that person feel.
Mind it people go/visit on our website because they like our content not Ads that we promote to make money.
We Should have to practice to put Ads on right place that look goods , not irritate viewers and increase our income that we generate from that particular Ads. Try to make your website visitor happy not push them in to hell.

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3 Promote Multiple products

What we all do is , we promote too many Ads in our platform.  One Ads in header , one Ads in footer , One Ads in left of page , Two Ads between content.
This activity force viewers to stop visiting on our website. People not come on our website to take knowledge of how many Ads we are able to run on our one single page. They visit on our site because their sole purpose is to gain something that is very helpful for them. They are very serious about their interest not about our interest.
Promoting a single product in right way is thousand time better than Showing Too many Ads on platform .
Many good website that really put good content on their platform , lost viewers and users because of showing too many Ads.


Best example of those type of websites are news publish website. What some news publish website do is to show too many Ads on their site. Because of that people not like to visit on their site. Their website are last option for users. Means if he don’t able to get relevant content according to their wish then they think to visit on that type of website/srs blogs

4 Too much Popup Ads

Popup Ads are beneficial but not too much , if we show one popup Ads to our visitor or users then its ok for them , but if we start showing them too much popup Ads , this annoying them , make them angry.
Some people what do , they show popup on each single click , means if any one clicks on content they got one popup Ads , After that Click on other content they get another popup Ads, if they go to search before typing they get one Popup their ,after typing when they click on action button they have to face one more popup Ads , If i go to say this in simple word i say that some people make their website a treasure of Popup Ads.

Website owner start using popup Ads because

Website owners start using popup Ads because they want to make their platform no Ads platform like not a single Ads shown on page , visitor come on their platform and take the full benefit of content without aware about watching Ads. But these days people start using Popup Ads as a trend of making more money.

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5 Force visitor to click

We try to force our site visitor to click on Ads , what we do for this is , we show our Ads on main part of our content /our page. Like what we do is , suppose our website is analytics site means our site analyse website traffic and searches , what we do here is to we put ads on action button , this ads appear after fill up detail and we go to click on action button . so if anyone complete filling detail and go to submit before submit they get ads , and this time they not want to go back or leave platform , so now clicking on Ads is mandatory for them.
That’s the way they force visitor to click on Ads. This type of activity help in make money from advertising but it give a loss to owner of product who give Ads to publish to some other.

never try to force visitor/aads/website/srs blogs

This come in illegal activity

We don’t have to do like this , this is some how come in illegal activity , we don’t go to put this is in smart strategy because smart strategy make money from good work not from force some one to do / make some one fool.\
These are the mistakes that we done , and these mistake are the main cause of loose our brand reputations and status.
So guys always try to avoid these activity and do a good practices .
In next topics i will go to discuss on what type of Ads and hows we should have to integrated on our platform.
Until that analyse your mistake that you all have all ready did in your website and try to correct them.

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