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5 free tools for good SEO

In online marketing we all focusing more on seo , our only one practices is or say this like our only one motive is to show our page in SERP(search engine result page).But the main problem we face to Show our product and services on search engine first page is analytics . We don’t know which tools i have to use to analyse our seo, some of know but they don,t know how to use .
SO today i go to tell you which tools we have to use for good seo and how to use it.
I go to focus on free tools that are very essential and usefull for all online marketers.

1 Google analytics

Google analytics is a free seo tools provided by google that help us to analyse how much traffic we get in one day , on what page we got more traffic and how many users come on my platform each and every day.
In google analytics we get all data related our plaform , we easily judge how much people like our platform , what i provide on my platform that my user not likes.
The best part of google analytics is that this tools tell many thing about our services and work that enough to analyse our work quality.
Google analytics shows traffic and coming sources, like how much traffic come and from where these traffic come.
This tools shows coming traffic on our platform in Four parts

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Social traffic
  3. Referral traffic
  4. Direct traffic

For using this tools you have to sign in from google account and create a profile their , where you got option of adding your site url after done this process you are eligible to take benefit of this tools in analytics/seo tools

2 Google Webmaster

Google webmaster is also a free seo tools provided by google that help us to present our product and services in front of people in easy way.
This tools provide many best facility like, this tools protect our site from malware attacks , tell us which part of our platform not working good, what are the best keyword we use that help in generate more traffic.from where we get link , which part of our site linked with which parts and many more things.
Google Webmaster tools is the way to say google to read our product using fetching tools.
Using webmaster tools we easily stop working our content which i don’t want to show in our service page by using robot.txt tester tools.

Process of link your website from google webmaster

  1. sign in google websmaster tools from google account , if you also use google analytics then sign ip with same id here.
  2. After sign in Go to add a property and click their
  3. In property fill the form and click to save
  4. After that you have to verify your account , i suggest to verify with google analytics , its very esay to process
  • After verifying you get full access of using google webmawster toolsgoogle webmaster/seo tools

3 Google trends

Google trends is also a good free seo tools provided by google , Google trends help us to search a good keywords for our services , also this tells about which keyword run in market very well and show which one is running well in present.

This tool provide a full data of keyword when the searches of this keyword decrease when increase , during which time it constant.
For using google trend tool we have to only sign in and search the keywords .
This keyword is very simple to use and access according to other seo trend/seo tools

4 Google Keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a tool inside google adword powerd by google , this tool is also free and help us to choose relevant keyword for our services.
The best part of this tools is , we measure keyword search according to country , state , areas . This tools provide not only how much a particular keyword searches but also provide what the cost of that keywords.
you all think that

what is the relation between cost and searches and why google show cost .
Google show cost of keywords because they want if anyone go to choose keyword for their business ,that keyword is in their budget because in future if they planning for advertising, it very important that they choose cost on advertising that are in their budget and it only possible when they choose the keywords that cost is in their budget.
And also one motive of google is to show price of keywords is to show how much that keyword is valuable.
Valuability matters in field of seo because most valuable keywords is always on top either its content is not much good or not much relevant.


We all see that when we goes to search anything on serch engine we get lots of results , when we open some top content they are totally useles, after that we exits and open some content that are in bottom an what we get is that content is very relevant to my search. This all happen because of keyword , if your keyword if good your content already shown on the top.

Process of use keyword planner tools

  • open google adword
  • Sign in with google account
  • Fill the setup forum
  • After completing fill up click on ok , after clicking you land homepage.
  • Their in tool option you got keyword planner toolsgoogle keyword planner/seo tools

5 Google page speed insight

You know our sight behaviour , performance matter in seo ,gooogle page spped insigt done the same , it tell about our website , hows our website perform in desktop , how this perform in mobile , what the speed of opening of website in both plaform , what is wrong in our website.
Google page speed insight judge all this,
For checking all these things in google insight you have to put the website and click on ok in google insight page.
Google tell you all thinks in a minutes also tell how’s you resolve the problem came in your page insight/seo tools

These are the best free seo tools offered by google.

Many more good seo tools are available in market but most of that are freemium and you know freemium are not beneficial for those who run zero profit business.  So its better to use free tools to setup your business. If one time your business settle well after that you go for freemium tools to analyse what activity happen on your website.
Seo is very simple if you know how to analyse your website and how’s to use a good tools for good seo .
So guys use all these for your website good seo and make your dream true.

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