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3 organic way to get more engagement from twitter


Twitter is a social media platform which permit their users to connect with any people from any reason of any country. This platform is very similar to some social media platform like facebook and google+. But the difference between these platform and twitter is, Twitter try to look very very different from them and want to keep them clean from wrong and fake person. We all know that  social media platform adding many good features and goes to provide a best platform where we easily promote our product and services. Twitter also provide a business platform where we easily promote our product and services. This Platform  is not bigger than facebook their is no any doubt in this but yes twitter is also very beneficial for marketing our product and services.

What new in twitter

Twitter was recently doing some changement in their platform. Now what happen when you tweet anything on your timeline. Twitter provide you a analytics dashboard where you able to easily measure that your which tweet got more impression and which tweet got more engagement. This analytics icon is shown below of your every tweet. But not in timeline. You able to analyse this only in your profile. This shows that what type of tweets your followers like to see and what their expectation from you.

Twitter/digital marketing/srs blogs/seo/sem/social media
Twitter this feature keep their platform very advance and unique. Their is no need of creating page and promote your product from their. From twitter anyone easily promote their product through tweeting.
From twitter you able to promote your product through similar ways organically and get more engagement from twitter.

Ways of promoting on and getting more engagement from twitter organically.

1 By tweeting product using Hashtag

If anyone want to promote their product on twitter organically and want to get more engagement from here then , this is the best way for them. What they should have do is to tweet their product/services with relevant hashtag.
Relevant hashtag means you using the hashtag that are very similar to your product/services and that tell about your product/services.

Twitter/digital marketing/srs blogs/seo/sem/social media


Suppose that you have a e-commerce platform and you want to promote your services on twitter. Firstly what you do is to make a twitter account. If your prime purpose is to promote your services then you must should have to make a account with your service name , after that you goes to generate followers by following more numbers of people. now after this you go to promote your product through tweet. For promoting your services what you do, you go to post a tweet in which you mention your services detail and one photo that represent your brand and tweet this with a hashtag. Here your platform is e-commerce then you must should have to use a hashtag that represent your services like for e-commerce you should have to use

#Bigdiscountsale , #BUy1Get1Free , #xyzcheapandbest(xyz here is your brand name) , #summersale etc .

These hashtag is very similar to your services and also represent that you go to sell something that the customers are really looking for.

And one main benefit of using relevant hashtag is, it help your brand to reach to more number of people who are really looking for these type of services.

Try to tweet more tweets in a day so your tweet reach to more number of peoples.

2 By sending messages.

Promote your product through sending message is also a best way to promote your product organically and in this engagement rate is high. This process is very similar to email marketing but the difference between email marketing and this practices is , in email marketing you send your content in targeted audience mailbox through email and in twitter messenger their is no role of email id here you simply send them your content on clicking on messenger icon , put your content their and click on send.

Why engagement rate is high in this practices ?

Engagement rate high in this practices due to some reason:-
1 – What happen in this practices if we send message to anyone in their inbox, the chances of opening that message by receiver is more because everyone want to know what other send to them. So naturally if open rate is more then engagement is also high.
2 – If you send a message to anyone in their inbox , and your content is very good then that person never stop them to engage themselves with that content.
3 – Chances of getting more engagement on your content increase , if you goes to target the right person for your services.

Suppose that you send a message to one of your follower who is music lover. You write a very good in which you mention that you sell a high quality sound headphone in cheap price. If that person see your content , he/she must want to land on your service page and want to know the full detail of that product. If that product is according to his/her choice. He/she must go to buy it.

So , Sending message to right person not only give you more engagement but also give you more conversion rate.
And one of the best feature provided by messenger is that you able to send message to more than single people in one time.
What you should have to do for this is to , firstly click on message icon,

Twitter/digital marketing/srs blogs/seo/sem/social media

you have to take second step after opening this , click on new message ,

Twitter/digital marketing/srs blogs/seo/sem/social media

after that they ask whom you want to send, here you write the name of all person whom you want to target for promoting your services.

Twitter/digital marketing/srs blogs/seo/sem/social media

After that click on next , put your content their and click on send button.
Its very simple to target multiple people in one time. This save your time and energy both.
Yes but this feature proving beneficial for you if you write a good content that fulfill the needs of all of your targeting audiences.

3 By retweeting other tweet

Promoting your services by retweeting other tweet is a good organic practices to increase brand awareness. If you retweet any other tweet a good bonding start to generate between you and that person. Before retweeting , if that person not know about your product/services then after retweeting their tweet with your content , your services is no more unknown for him/her.

If you retweet anyone tweet that shows that you like their tweet and want a relationship with them. Relationship in sens of you want to see them in your follower list. you want that person land on your profile, know about you. Talk to you about your services, give you like, also retweet your post.

Retweeting any other tweet is proving beneficial for you if you retweet those tweet that are very similar to your services. Because in this case chances of engagement increase. If you retweet any person tweet and both of yours services are similar that person very interested in landing on your service page and willing to know about your services in detail. If they landing on your page as a customer they must give you a business.
Always try to retweet other tweet with your thoughts that contain your services.

Twitter/digital marketing/srs blogs/seo/sem/social media

Suppose that you retweet selena gomez tweet , in that tweet you must add some content about selena gomez and embed few line that promote your services like selena gomez favorite lipstick brand in cheap price, selena gomez recently wear cloth in award show with discount, etc.

This is the marketing trend, All marketers promote their product on twitter using these tricks.

This about organically.

But one thing keep in Mind you also able to promote your services on twitter by using their paid advertising model.

Twitter/digital marketing/srs blogs/seo/sem/social media
If you go to promote your product organically , you must have to give your extra effort on it. Because organic practices need hard work , good strategy and taking time to give result.
But paid models not taking time to give result , if one time you setup your ads and release to run , you start getting result after a hour from your ads releasing time.
This is the one big advantage of paid model. But i don’t go here to talk about paid model. I will discuss about this in detail in my next article. till that you  read this article carefully , and try to get more engagement from twitter using these tricks. Your good practices give you the best result. Best of luck.

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